Dream Flyer Flight Simulator


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The DreamFlyer™ delivers the most extraordinary  recreational experience at a price the armchair pilot can afford. It enhances the user’s otherwise normal enjoyment of using flight simulation software. If your flight simulation were any more real, you’d be paying for the fuel!

The Dreamflyer™ is a personal virtual-reality flight motion simulator designed to enhance the flight simulation experience. The pilot-lead and pilot-induced roll and pitch oscillation is interpreted by the brain to perceive the feeling of flight!

Using their existing flight simulation software flight enthusiasts can enhance their simulation experience for any purpose, whether it’s virtual competitions, instrumentation practice or solo flights.

Get your Dreamflyer™ today and Feel the Flight!  The introductory price of $4995 won’t last long.  Order yours today!

The Iowa Flight Training DreamFlyer™ includes the DreamFlyer™, a Windows-based gaming PC with Windows 7, X-Plane simulator software, and the Flight Design CTLS simulation software.  The CTLS simulation provides a realistic simulation of the outstanding Flight Design Light Sport Aircraft.

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