About Us

Our primary mission is to grow General Aviation by providing high-quality ground and flight training that is second to none. If we can help your community succeed with a partnership at your airport, give us a call. We can help!

IFT Currently Operates:

  • 3 – Cessna 172s
  • 1 – Piper Warrior II
  • 1 – Piper Archer II
  • 1 – Flight Design CTLS LSA
  • 2 – ATC-610 IFR Flight Simulators
  • All of our aircraft are Garmin 430W equipped with ADSB-Out

IFT services include:

  • Flight Training
  • Flight Reviews & Aircraft Checkouts
  • Aircraft Rental (renter’s insurance required)
  • Ground School Classes
  • Simulator Training
  • Pilot Supply Store
  • Pilot Service
  • Flight Design CT Sales
  • Flight Design Pilot Center Training
  • DreamFlyer Simulator Sales
  • Consulting / Public Speaking

Here is a short summary of aviation accomplishments by IFT founder Tim Busch.
– Began flying in 1980.
– Began teaching in 1997.
– Awarded the Iowa Department of Transportation’s 2005 Most Involved in Aviation Award.
– Awarded the Civil Air Patrol’s 2010 Frank G. Brewer Lifetime Achievement Award for Aerospace Educaton in the North Central Region..
– Earned Master Certified Flight Instructor designation.
– FAA Safety Counselor
– Frequent speaker at EAA Airventure forums.
– Member of the Ailerona.com speaker’s bureau. www.ailerona.com

Meet Our Instructors

Cedar Rapids Instructors

  • Tim Busch – Tim AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Jim Mosel – Jim AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Dave Leedom – Dave AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Jim McCullough – JimMcC AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Brad Thompson – Brad AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Matt Gunderson – Matt AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Keith Williams – Keith AT SyntheticSaves DOT com
  • Cliff Worrell – Cliff AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Mark Rinehart – Mark AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com
  • Adam Evanschwartz – Adam AT IowaFlightTraining DOT com